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December 23, 2022

How to Manage a Loose Tooth as an Adult

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A man with a loose tooth covering his mouth

When you were a kid, a loose tooth was something exciting. After all, it meant you’d soon get money from the “Tooth Fairy” and a new pearly white. As an adult, though, wobbly teeth are problematic and need urgent care. Still, you might need to wait before fully fixing the issue. It’s a good thing, then, that your local practice can help you do so. Here are four things to do for your loose tooth before seeing your emergency dentist in Crown Point.


November 18, 2022

Why See a Dentist When You Have a Full Denture?

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A patient getting dental checkups with dentures in Crown Point

When you have a full denture, it’s easy to think you don’t need dental visits anymore. After all, aren’t checkups only for patients with natural teeth? In that case, having an appointment would be pointless! The truth, though, is that even full denture wearers should see their dentist regularly. Failing to do so means missing out on various long-term benefits. To prove it, your local dentist is here with the scoop. Read on to learn three big reasons for dental checkups with dentures in Crown Point.


October 11, 2022

The Link Between Chronic Stress & Oral Health

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person experiencing chronic stress at work

In small doses, stress can motivate you to succeed at tasks, boost your brainpower, and can even make your immune system stronger. Unfortunately, when stress becomes chronic, consistently feeling overwhelmed can lead to serious health issues, such as anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Chronic stress can also cause a lot of damage to your oral health. Continue reading to learn how chronic stress effects your oral health and how to prevent it.


September 19, 2022

How to Make Your Next Dental Checkup a Smooth Ride

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patient and dentist making a heart with hands

Wow, where does the time go? You remember scheduling your checkup months ago, and it’s already here! Oral health is a priority and you want to make sure nothing keeps you from visiting your Crown Point dentist. Here are some tips to alleviate any bumps in the road and make it a smooth dental appointment for both you and your dentist!


August 19, 2022

Gum Disease Therapy Comes Before Cosmetic Dental Work

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Woman with gum disease in Crown Point

Depending on your smile’s looks, you may not want to wait to see your cosmetic dentist in Crown Point. After all, chipped and yellow teeth could hurt impressions with friends, family, and new acquaintances. If you have gum disease, though, you must treat that condition before any others. Not only does it damage your smile’s appearance itself, but it could also interfere with effective cosmetic procedures. To learn more, here’s a summary of what gum disease is, how it mars your smile, and why to address it before getting cosmetic work.


July 14, 2022

4 Disproven Myths About Dentures

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Close-up of dentures

Dentures represent a fairly popular way of restoring your smile, but they still attract some untrue gossip and rumors. Depending on who you ask, these prosthetics are either perfect substitutes for natural teeth or worse than having no pearly whites. However, the truth about them is somewhere in-between. To help you see dentures in Crown Point more clearly, here’s a summary of four myths about this treatment.


May 5, 2022

Origins & Solutions for Gray Teeth

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Blue toothpaste in the shape of a question mark

You may not find it surprising when your teeth change color from stains. Some yellowing or browning could be understandable given the food and drinks you consume. However, you probably consider your teeth turning gray as outside the norm. If that’s happened to you, you’re probably wondering what’s going on.

As it happens, your cosmetic dentist in Crown Point has the answer. Read below to find out the causes of gray teeth and how best to treat them!


April 13, 2022

3 Common Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy

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Young dentist with pregnant patient

The average person wouldn’t associate pregnancy with dentistry. The former conjures images of hospital rooms, babies, and Lamaze classes, while the latter makes someone think of teeth and dentist chairs. What could these two things have to do with one another?

Well, among other connections, pregnancy impacts your oral health. To see how, here are three oral conditions that can occur while you’re pregnant as described by a dentist in Crown Point.


March 16, 2022

5 Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

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person smiling after being treated by cosmetic dentist

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there is a range of services that can correct visual issues with your smile. chips, cracks, alignment issues, gaps, and discoloration will soon be a thing of the past. Though it’s important to pick the right procedures for your smile, it’s even more important to choose the right person to perform them. So you can get the results you’re after, read on to learn five tips for picking the right cosmetic dentist.  


February 3, 2022

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

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smiling person with nice teeth

Though you may not think much about them, teeth are an important part of your everyday life. They allow you to eat properly, maintain the structure of your face to prevent sagging, and allow you to speak and laugh. As important as they are, how much do you really know about your teeth? Read on to learn four facts about teeth that you probably didn’t know.

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