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Single Tooth Implant – Crown Point & Whiting, IN

Restoring Smiles From the Root Up

At Berquist Family Dentistry, our team of dentists wants to help you see a healthy, beautiful, and complete smile, which is why we are pleased to offer single tooth implants in Crown Point & Whiting for individuals who need to replace missing teeth. Even a single missing tooth can be problematic in terms of bone deterioration, chewing and eating ability, and ensuring clarity when speaking. To prevent these issues from worsening or occurring in the first place, we can restore your smile with a single piece of titanium that not only works to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence but also improve your oral health. To find out if you are eligible for dental implants, call us today to schedule a consultation.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

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If a single tooth goes missing, there are two ways it can be replaced: a fixed bridge or a single tooth dental implant.

  • Fixed Bridge: If you have healthy teeth that live on either side of your missing tooth, your dentist can use these as anchors for your fixed bridge. By filing them down to ensure a proper fit, impressions will be taken of your smile and sent off to a dental lab where technicians will create a custom-made bridge prosthetic, which will be composed of three dental crowns that are fused together. Once it is ready, the two outer crowns will be placed over your natural teeth while the middle crown will sit on top of your gums, effectively restoring the look of your smile.
  • Single Tooth Implant: Leaving your natural teeth alone, our team can take a titanium post (implant) and after making a small incision in the gums, surgically place it into the jawbone. After spending several months at home allowing osseointegration to occur (fusing of the implant to the bone), you will return to have your customized dental crown placed on top of the implant, fully restoring the tooth’s structure.

Benefits of Single Tooth Implants

A single tooth dental implant

While some individuals prefer the less invasive approach to replacing missing teeth, only dental implants can provide a breadth of benefits that cannot be achieved using any other type of restorative solution. Some of these include:

  • Improved oral health with the implant continuing to stimulate the jawbone
  • Greater functionality when eating, chewing, and speaking
  • Better stability because of the surgical placement of the implant
  • Natural look and feel, as the implant is designed to act as a regular tooth and blend in with the rest of your smile
  • Easy to maintain with only a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months
  • A restoration that can last 30+ years with proper care and maintenance
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