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November 30, 2021

Watch Out for These 5 Holiday Foods to Protect Your Teeth

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partygoers around table at holiday party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means festive parties, beautiful decorations, and, for a lot of folks, it’s also time to indulge in their favorite seasonal foods and drinks. But before you take a bite out of that year-end treat, you may want to think twice about how doing so could affect your oral health. You might be surprised to learn that some of our favorite festive fare can put teeth at risk. Keep reading to learn about the five holiday foods in Crown Point to steer clear of this time of year! 


October 4, 2021

Gingivitis or Gum Cancer? Here’s What to Look For

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closeup of gums

Gum disease, even if it’s mild – nobody wants that. Gingivitis is to be taken seriously and treated promptly, but obviously gum cancer is on an entirely different level of concern.

If your gums are inflamed, it makes sense to wonder what caused it and to figure out exactly what you are dealing with. The best answer is to make an appointment with your dentist so they can diagnose if you have gingivitis in Crown Point, but in the meantime keep reading to learn about how you can recognize each affliction and what you should do regarding prevention.


September 28, 2021

Best Type of Material for Dental Crowns

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Woman at consultation for dental crowns in Crown PointYour enamel is the hardest substance in your body, but it isn’t indestructible. If a tooth suffers extensive damage, you may need a dental crown to save it. A custom-made cap is bonded over the entire surface of a tooth above the gum line to restore its health, function, and appearance while also giving it an added layer of protection. Dental crowns in Crown Point are versatile because they can offer more than just restorative benefits. Whether used alone or along with another procedure, you have multiple options to choose from when selecting a material for your restoration. Here’s what you need to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.


August 11, 2021

The Evolution of Dental Floss

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loseup of man holding dental floss

Dental floss is one of the most crucial oral hygiene products on the market today. It helps preserve a healthy smile by eliminating plaque and food particles from the small, tight crevices between your teeth. But did you know that floss wasn’t always the thin, waxed string we know today? It’s gone through many changes over the centuries! Read on to learn how dental floss has evolved through the ages.


July 15, 2021

Health Factors You Should Mention During Your Next Dental Checkup

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patient sharing health factors during dental checkup

In a dental setting, it may seem odd when they ask you questions about things unrelated to your mouth. But the divide between your bodily and oral health isn’t as black and white as you may think. Sharing medical information and health concerns with your dentist is critical to help them better address your oral needs. Read along for a few health factors you should mention during your next dental checkup.


June 2, 2021

What Should You Do if You Lose Your Dental Crown?

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man has a lost dental crown

Losing a dental crown certainly isn’t the end of the world, but it can still be a little unnerving and inconvenient. If this happens, how can you effectively respond? Continue reading to find out what you can do about a lost dental crown so you can fully recover.


May 2, 2021

Do Root Canals Hurt?

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Root canal

When you dentist first tells you that you’re in need of a root canal, it can be alarming. Aren’t root canals painful? Do you have any other options? The truth is that you don’t need to be so worried about this procedure. It is very common, and with modern dental techniques and anesthetics, you won’t be dealing with any excruciating pain. Continue reading to learn more from a dentist in Crown Point about what you can expect during your root canal.


March 19, 2021

Tips for Flossing Your Dental Implants

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Woman flossing dental implants in Crown Point.If you’ve made the decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you’ve made a wise decision. You’ve invested in a solution that’s proven to last for decades with the right aftercare, like maintaining your oral hygiene at home. Unfortunately, brushing your new smile isn’t enough to keep it healthy. You also need to commit to flossing dental implants in Crown Point; however, it can be a bit tricky. Here’s how to effectively floss your dental implants to ensure they last for a lifetime.


November 23, 2020

The Effects of Dry Mouth on Oral Health

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Dry mouth is no respecter of persons, and it can happen at any stage of life. Many people associate it with chapped lips and a parched tongue, but dry mouth can cause many other oral issues as well. Keep reading to see what your local experts on dry mouth in Crown Point have to share about this condition and what you can do to fight it.


October 27, 2020

Debunking Common Dental Myths

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Man smilingYou want to make all of the best decisions to keep your smile healthy, but this is difficult to do when you can’t tell the difference between facts and myths. Most of us have learned over the years that you can’t believe everything you hear. Since there is so many dental myths out there, it’s time for some of the most common ones to be debunked. Your family dentist in Whiting shares some of the misinformation that is out there and explains why it isn’t true.


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