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August 15, 2023

Why Are My Gums Soft and Spongy?

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We all know that proper preventative dental care includes brushing our teeth twice a day. You’ve probably also been told that flossing is just as important. This is because oral health extends to more than just our teeth- our gums are equally as important!

Healthy gums should look pale pink, firm, and should fit snuggly around your teeth. If your gums seem soft, spongy, or are bleeding, then you may be seeing signs of more serious issues. Keep reading to learn more about what this means and what you can do!

Why Are My Gums Soft And Spongy?

If you notice that your gums are soft or bleeding, it’s usually indicative of an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Periodontitis (gum disease). Bacteria that flourish on or under our gums cause inflammation. If left untreated, it can spread and deteriorate surrounding bone structure which can even lead to tooth loss.
  2. Scurvy. This refers to an extreme vitamin C deficiency. Without it, connective tissues begin to deteriorate, which loosens the gums and teeth. We don’t naturally produce it ourselves, so we have to get it from our diet.

That means eating well makes as much of an impact on our dental health as brushing and flossing our teeth. There’s no better reason to start making some changes if you’ve had less-than-ideal habits.

What Can I Do About Spongy Gums?

Whether due to periodontitis or scurvy, softer gums can be impacted by what we put into our systems. For example, avoiding foods that are highly sugary or acidic can prevent gum disease. Sugar attracts unhealthy bacteria that can infect the gums, so limiting your intake can improve your health.

If your gum tenderness is due to scurvy, then you need to eat foods high in vitamin C! Generally, you can get what your body needs from citrus fruits, though tomatoes and some leafy greens (like kale and parsley) also have higher contents of vitamin C.

Call Your Dentist

As ever, if you’re experiencing unusual symptoms like spongy gums, then please reach out to your dentist! While part of your problem could be nutrition, it could also be due to poor dental hygiene. A dentist can examine the condition of your pearly whites to look for signs of gum disease, cavities, or other concerns. Keeping up a regular schedule of cleanings and checkups ensures that if something comes up, your dentist can catch it and treat it before it gets worse.

If you’re experiencing soft or bleeding gums, then don’t hesitate! You can pick up healthy habits today that will help turn things around. Additionally, call your dentist and they’re sure to be able to offer treatments that can help!

About the Practice

At Berquist Family Dentistry, you’ll receive exceptional care from the father-son team of Dr. Robert Berquist and Dr. Daniel Berquist. With years of expertise, they can meet the oral health care needs of you and your whole family. If you’ve noticed you have spongy, bleeding gums, then you are welcome to request an appointment on the website or call (219) 226-0544.

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