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February 3, 2022

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

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Though you may not think much about them, teeth are an important part of your everyday life. They allow you to eat properly, maintain the structure of your face to prevent sagging, and allow you to speak and laugh. As important as they are, how much do you really know about your teeth? Read on to learn four facts about teeth that you probably didn’t know.

Fact #1: Teeth Are Like Icebergs

Much like icebergs, you can’t see the entire tooth above the surface. Approximately one-third of each tooth is located underneath your gums, which is why maintaining a healthy mouth involves more than just brushing your teeth. Flossing removes debris stuck between your teeth and gums, which lowers your chances of developing cavities and gum disease. Healthy gums are generally pink and firm. If they’re any other color or texture, contact your dentist so they can determine what’s wrong and administer prompt treatment.

Fact #2: Teeth Are Unique

Much like fingerprints, no two sets of teeth are the same. Not even identical twins have the same teeth! The average adult has four canines, eight incisors, eight premolars, and 12 molars, all of which differ from that of everyone else in the world. As unique as they are, teeth can be used to gather information about a person’s age, gender, and certain personality traits.

Fact #3: Dentin Grows, but Enamel Doesn’t

Enamel is the thin outer layer of a tooth that covers the crown, which is the part you can see above the gums. It protects your teeth from cavities and other forms of damage. Dentin, which is the hard tissue under the enamel, is what gives teeth their color. It’s made from tubules, which are small channels and passageways, that transmit nerve signals and nutrition through the tooth. Dentin grows and changes throughout your life, but enamel doesn’t. So, if you harm your enamel through eating too many sweet or acidic foods, grinding your teeth, or other factors, the damage is permanent.

Fact #4: Enamel is the Hardest Part of the Body

You may think that your bones are the hardest thing in the body, but it’s actually your tooth enamel. It’s made up mostly of phosphate and calcium, which may make it seem similar to your bones, but enamel is stronger due to the specific proteins and crystallites that form it. As strong as it is, enamel can still crack or chip, so make sure to speak to your dentist if you grind your teeth and practice moderation when consuming sweet or acidic foods and beverages.

As you can see, teeth are even more impressive than you may have thought. Make sure to take good care of your smile to keep your pearly whites healthy and functioning at their best for years to come!

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