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October 1, 2018

How Your Dentist in Crown Point Can Save You Money

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Woman smiling in dentist's chair.Are you looking for a way to save money at the dentist’s office? Surprisingly enough, the best way to do so is to actually visit your dentist! Yes, you read that correctly, spending a little money by going to regular dental checkups and cleanings will end up saving you money in the long run. Keep reading to learn how routine visits to your dentist in Crown Point can help keep your pocketbook filled.

Prevention is Key

Preventive dentistry is better for your health and your finances. Regular dental visits will save you money in the long run because they will ensure you won’t have to pay for more expensive treatments later on. The key is to see your dentist every 6 months, so they can take care of any dental issues you may have while they are still small, before they become worse for your health and your wallet.

A common dental issue, gum disease, is something that is curable in its early stages, but it can end up costing you a lot of time and money in the future if it isn’t caught. Each dental visit, your dentist will check your gums for signs of the disease and recommend any treatments necessary to get your health on track.

Dentists can also detect early signs of oral cancer that you could have never known was there without a professional. They take X-Rays to get an inside look at your teeth and jaw to look for signs and symptoms of decay and other issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Most X-Rays are included in the cost of your visit, and they’re a great way to make sure your mouth is in tip-top shape.

The Cost

The national average cost for dental visits in the US is $78. While that same cost is about how much you’ll pay for just one filling for tooth decay. Additionally, many dentists run new patient specials and other promotions that can lower the cost of your routine visits immensely.

Lack of dental care can lead to decay, which means cavities and other restorative measures. If you let dental issues like cavities and gum disease fester, you could suffer from tooth and bone loss. This can not only be detrimental to your health, but you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking better care of your teeth after seeing the bill.

What’s more alarming is the link between your oral and overall health. Having issues like gum disease and other oral problems can increase your chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic conditions. These diseases are costly to your body and financially as well.

Now that you know how regular dental visits can save you money, get your appointments booked for the upcoming year—your teeth and wallet will thank you!

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Daniel Jordan Berquist enjoys providing personalized care to his patients by getting to know them. He understands oral healthcare can be expensive, which is why he likes seeing patients for preventive services to save them money in the future. He currently runs his own practice where he can be contacted through his website or by phone for any questions.

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