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Sleep Apnea Dentist Bringing Crown Point Rest

Do you frequently catch yourself yawning or almost nodding off as you go about your day? Do you struggle to remember things or have trouble concentrating? These are all signs that you might not be sleeping well enough at night due to a common but underdiagnosed sleep condition known as sleep apnea.


What Is Sleep Apnea?

Patients who struggle with sleep apnea routinely stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer while asleep. As a result, sleep apnea patients routinely wake up—whether consciously or, just as often, unconsciously—to breathe. The result is a cycle of interrupted sleep that can make it difficult to function during the day. Besides causing daytime drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and memory loss, sleep apnea patients may also experience changes in their mood. If left untreated, it may even lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and premature death.

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

In many cases, sleep apnea is caused by obstruction from the tongue and lower jaw. During sleep, they can relax to a point where they cover the body’s airways, preventing air from getting to the lungs. As a result, sleep apnea patients frequently struggle with snoring as well. In fact, snoring is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. If your partner has voiced concerns about your snoring at night, this may be a sign of un-diagnosed sleep apnea.

Effective Care with Oral Appliance Therapy

Thankfully, treatment for sleep apnea is possible with oral appliance therapy from Berquist Family Dentistry. Your custom-made oral appliance will help you breathe by repositioning the tongue or lower jaw so that your airways remain open while you sleep. What’s more, your oral appliance will also help you treat your snoring, so you and your partner can both sleep peacefully at night.

If sleep apnea is standing between you and a full night of rest, talk to Dr. Robert Berquist or Dr. Daniel Berquist about your situation. Using a custom-made oral appliance, we can help you find relief from your symptoms so you can get finally achieve the much-deserved the rest you crave.

Are you ready to schedule your next visit with Dr. Robert Berquist or Dr. Daniel Berquist? Call us today to reserve an appointment. We’re happy to serve patients from Crown Point, Whiting, Merrillville, Cedar Lake, St. John and other communities in Northwest Indiana.

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